Embryo Freezing

Embryo Freezing involves procedures that allow people to preserve their embryos for future use.  This method os normally deployed when a person considers the possibilities of becoming pregnant during coming days or years. Such preservation is also resorted to when the person wishes to donate embryo for some sort of medical research and training as well.

However, the procedure of Embryo Freezing has its own Pros and Cons. The presence of water molecules within cells might freeze that results in the formation of crystal and explosion of cells.  The medical specialists use a method called Cryo-preservation to prohibit freezing water molecules present in the cell. In the process, water in the cells is substituted with a substance called Cryo-protectant. The process removes most of the water particle and the doctor cools the embryo to the state of preservation.


The doctor considers storage of embryo to counteract some delicate issues in the body system. Some of these might include

  • The patient has some prevalent issues in the body system that can affect fertility
  • The person in concern might need treatment for cancer or any of the allied illness that can affect pregnancy
  • When a person is undergoing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • When the person considers preserving younger eggs to make use in future times.
  • Embryos are growing at a slower rate. Preservation might help in accumulating required number of embryos while pregnancy is taken into account.


Who is benefitted from Embryo Freezing?

The process of Embryo Freezing is conducted for people who are suffering from some sort of critical ailments. The people who are normally benefited from the process include:

  • People who are suffering from genetic disorders which affect their ability to reproduce
  • People suffering from cancer and would have to undergo chemotherapy to aid the healing process
  • Doctors might be bound to prescribe some medication that would affect fertility. Before induction of such medicines, doctors normally suggest to adopt the process of Embryo Freezing for future utilization.
  • People who are couples from same sex and other LGBTO+ people willing to have children.


Possible Treatments

The treatments for Embryo Freezing involve several steps. These include ovarian stimulation, retrieval of eggs and freezing.

  1. Ovarian Stimulation
  • The process involves stimulation of ovaries to produce multiple eggs
  • In order to facilitate the process, the physician might inject medication belonging to the genre of Folitropin alpha or beta. Menotropins might be suggested too.
  • There could be medication to debar premature ovulation. Doctors might suggest application of gonadotropin that helps in releasing hormone agonist like leuproline acetate.


  1. Egg Retrieval
  • Process is done under sedation
  • Procedure of transvasginal ultrasound aspiration is held through insertion of an Ultrasound probe into vagina
  • Insertion of a needle into vagina to which a suction device is connected that helps in removal of the eggs.
  • The process makes the whole thing fast as multiple eggs are removed at a time
  • Process of cramping is utilized to retrieve the size of ovary


  1. Freezing
  • The unfertilized eggs are put to harvest
  • This is followed by cooling to temperatures below freezing point making the process of Embryo freezing a success.



  1. What involves in the costing of Embryo freezing?

Answer: The Embryo freezing Cost involves the expense of collection and freezing of the rudiment. The main reason for the variance of cost is the level of storage facility present in a unit. The other cost includes doctor’s fee, cost of tests and the process cost involved in the process.


  1. How much is the Embryo freezing cost in India?

Answer: The embryo freezing cost in India involves retrieval of eggs followed by freezing. The process conducted at an institution of repute might cost anywhere between INR 50000 – 100000. After freezing of the eggs, the party has to incur annual expenses for retaining these at the frozen state.


  1. Which process is more effective – Egg Freezing or Embryo Freezing

Answer: Most of the women feel confused while attempting to distinguish embryo freezing versus egg freezing.  The main thing about this is the introduction of newer technology. The earlier time technology facilitated the use of frozen embryo that thaws survival rate. With the inception of flash freezing technology, the defrosting effect has been eliminated. The condition and adaptability of patient is top concern now.


  1. How long do the frozen embryos stay alive?

Answer: There could be no fixation over timings to which frozen embryos could survive. Earlier experience in this regard has pointed that a baby was brought in after the embryo served a period of 13 years at the frozen state. These things are sealed carefully inside a tank that is occupied with liquid nitrogen and the inside temperature is kept at 31 degree Fahrenheit.


  1. Do freezing embryos damage them?

Answer:  The inception of Flash Freezing of Embryo technology or Vitrification, the process of freezing becomes 600 times faster. The flashing procedure eliminates the possibility of cell damage that might cause by the formation of crystals through freezing of water molecules. Therefore, the process becomes tenable altogether.