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IVF Center in India

    Even if you feel fine, you should still see your doctor for regular checkups. These visits can help you avoid health problems in the future. For example, the only way to find out if you have high blood pressure is to have it checked regularly. High blood sugar and high cholesterol levels also …

Most Dangerous Risk Factors of Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss

Female Infertility, urvaraa

  Miscarriage, simply explained as pregnancy loss is the death of the embryo/ fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. It can be medically termed as ‘spontaneous abortion’. If there is bleeding or abnormal vaginal discharge, along with severe pain and spasm of lower back muscles in a woman of the first trimester, then we …

Top 3 Low-Cost Alternatives for IVF Treatment in India

IVF Center in India, IVF Center in Kolkata, urvaraa

Parenthood is the most amazing feeling a person wants to feel in his or her lifetime. In recent times, due to several reasons, couples are failing to achieve it. Trust me, it is one of the hardest things to know from your doctor. But there is still hope. In recent times, the best IVF centers …

A few reasons reveal by the best IVF center in india, why intimacy after IUI is good for you?

IVF Center in India, IVF Center in Kolkata

Intrauterine Insemination or IUI is a very useful and easy process for fertilization. Previously this process was mainly used for animal husbandry to breed cattle. Later, it was successfully implemented in human beings. In recent times, the best IVF centers in India are offering Intrauterine Insemination at very attractive packages. Urvaraa one of the best clinics …

How Surrogacy at the best IVF center in India helping the Humankind?

IVF Center in India, IVF Centre in Kolkata, IVF Centre Kolkata, urvaraa

The modern times, where time is money and everyone is running and running all the time faster and faster, the health issues are being neglected by almost everyone. The lifestyle is drowning more and more people every day. The lifestyle disorders, stress, workload, anxiety, and many more are nothing but the gateways of a downward …

Medical Tourism for Artificial Insemination is increasing in the best ivf center in Kolkata

IVF Centre in Kolkata, IVF Centre Kolkata, urvaraa

Every year the number of medical tourists is increasing in various cities of India. Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru are the top destinations for the patients coming from abroad; the next superpower of the world is now providing world-class healthcare facilities. India is providing healthcare services at a very low cost but the …

Being Fit May Risk Your Fertility— How Exercise and Diet Affect Fertility Level?


  There is one great saying “ anything in excess is bad “. People should not be careless or should not be too overconscious as both can result in damage. Somehow, we can correlate this with the fertility issue when we talk about role of exercise and proper diet in fertility. Surprisingly, being fit may …

IVF Centre Kolkata: How to contact them?

IVF Centre in Kolkata, IVF Centre Kolkata, urvaraa

IVF Centre Kolkata IVF Centre Kolkata: In this digital age, there are various ways of getting in touch with the top clinics that perform in-vitro fertilization for women as well as men. You can easily find it by placing the relevant keywords or terms at the search box. After that, there are other steps which …

Types and Stages of Miscarriage or Pregnancy loss


Miscarriage is otherwise known as abortion. Miscarriage is divided into spontaneous ( which happens by itself) or induced ( medical or surgical ). It is the loss of embryo/fetus before 20 weeks of gestation. Spontaneous miscarriage is the most common pregnancy loss in women of childbearing age group. 80% of miscarriages happen usually in the …

Risk Factors of Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss


Miscarriage, simply called as pregnancy loss is the loss or expulsion of the embryo/ fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. It can be medically divided into ‘spontaneous abortion’ ( which happens by itself) and ‘ induced abortion’ (legal or illegal and medical or surgical as and when indicated ). If there is bleeding or …

How to Test Fertility Potential of Women


Infertility is a serious worry for many couples that can dramatically affect the dreams of their lives and can affect them emotionally.  A person may be considered infertile, if not conceiving after 1 year of trying without any protection. But it is not that much bleak as you imagine. There are many cases in which …

Team Urvaraa Salutes The Right To Health For All


Right to health is a fundamental right. “Health is Wealth” – one of the oldest proverbs that we have learnt, growing up. However it is only when either we or our loved ones fall sick do we truly understand the gravity of this proverb. Up until then, our life’s goal is aimed towards wealth.   …

We Solve Your Myth Around Contraception At Urvaraa IVF In India


There are many myths regarding contraception. However, a woman can still get pregnant if she douches after sex or if she is breastfeeding. Other myths are discussed. There are a number of birth control methods that are highly effective in preventing pregnancy. There is also a lot of misinformation about how to use birth control,    as …

Breast Cancer Myths and Facts


1.Myth: Most breast cancers run in families. Fact: Only about 5% to 10% of breast cancers are thought to be hereditary, which means they are caused by abnormal genes passed from parent to child. Lifestyle and environmental factors can have an impact on breast cancer risk. 2.Myth: There is nothing you can do to lower …

Myths around pregnancy and sex.


There are many myths regarding contraception and pregnancy. We at Urvaraa, have tried to assimilate the top ten myths surrounding this subject effective decision making. I’m breastfeeding so I can’t get pregnant : Breastfeeding may help prevent pregnancy if a woman is within six months of delivery, has not had a menstrual cycle AND the …

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